History of the Kharkiv Factory Sportinventar

The history of our plant has more than a dozen years. In 1948, plant was established as Kharkiv heavy sports equipment factory, which in the late sixties was reorganized into the plant "Sportinventory".


For a long time the history of our company was closely connected with the development of the national economy as a whole. Were it as hard times, and a return to sustained economic growth. But always, at all times, the plant's products are high quality and enjoyed a well-deserved respect of our long-term partners.


Currently we are the only and leading plant producing sports equipment and inventory on the territory of Ukraine, produces more than 500 different products for different sports.


For more than a half-century history of our plant we have been delivered equipment to more than 100 000 different levels of government agencies and organizations all over the CIS and Europe.


At the current stage the plant deliver production to all levels of public and private educational institutions in 24 regions of Ukraine.

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