Synthetic universal roll floor


Applied on fitness centers, stadiums, ice arenas, ski slopes, golf courses, parks, swimming pools, exhibition centers.


Advantages: not sensitive to mechanical stress, wide range of colors, matte surface, not slippery, wear-resistant, has a high level of force and sound absorption, easy installation, easy maintenance.


We recommend a floor thickness of 4 mm. Any other on request.



Synthetic universal module floor

The perfect solution for sports fields with high loads and different climatic influences also does not contain any harmful chemical composition of components. Operating temperature from - 50 to + 120 degrees.



Polyurethane bulk floor

Polyurethane flooring is a type of self-leveling floors, which have low wear due to the strength and durability. Polyurethane floors have many advantages over other floor, the choice of which is currently quite wide. Due to the unique qualities of polyurethane floors are widely used in various fields. They are ideal for residential areas, are often used in production facilities, perfect for car parks.


Polyurethane floors are less susceptible to mechanical damage, have a high moisture resistance. This allows the use of polyurethane floors in the rooms with high moisture. Resistant to various chemicals.


Floors for indoor sports halls, multi-purpose

Is used for training and competitions in various sports (badminton, soccer, volleyball, table tennis and tennis, basketball and etc.). Can be used for gymnastics and fitness.

Fiberglass grid greatly enhances the mechanical strength. The substrate is made of foamed PVC.


Sports parquet

Applications: All kinds of indoor sports.


Sports parquet is used mostly for professional basketball. The special features include high wear resistance, good shock absorption of loads up to 65%.


The top layer is a triple layer parquet of 21 or 23 mm (thickness of the brick 6 or 3.5 mm).


Is made of solid hardwood, dried without chemicals and due to it being the most environmentally friendly. The product is covered with a special varnish, which is resistant to UV rays and mechanical friction.


The base is made of special shock-absorbing material, the total thickness with the substrate, buffer layer, the carrier layer, the floorboard and the protective layer is 50-55 mm

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