Sportinventory plant performs individual projects design of sports facilities of varying complexity.


Installation of stationary, collapsible or mobile tribunes. Equip courts with all necessary sports equipment and facilities (such as tennis posts and nets, benches for players and referees). Installation of lighting equipment. Installation of fencing around the court.

Courts with grass is one of the first kind courts, which appeared at the beginning of the history of tennis. They are different by a characteristic speed rebound and flat trajectory of the ball after a rebound. Have a number of drawbacks. For example, uneven ground, which affect the ball bounce and rebound unevenness over the entire area of the court, which is formed by flooring during the operational period.

Artificial grass

Ground flooring for tennis courts are characterized by slow flight of the ball after a rebound from the surface of the flooring, as well as a high trajectory. Made from a mixture of clay, sand and crushed stone or brick. To this flooring can be added, rubber and plastic granules.


Hard floors for tennis courts performed with the substrate on the basis of concrete or asphalt to be coated with synthetic layer which gives the color coating, as well as allows to achieve the required speed and height of the bounce. The floor can have up to 12 layers (traditionally manufactured based on acrylic aqueous formulations) with a different purpose: the color lining and shock absorbing.


Carpet floors for tennis courts are typical application in closed rooms, but can also be used in open areas through the use of artificial grass. The speed and power of the rebound can be adjusted by the thickness and type of material, which is used as a carpet floor applied to specially prepared a solid base.


Tribunes stationary. Installation of seats is made on a concrete base or a welded metal. Seat meets the requirements of fire safety and not contain any harmful impurities. Let the water flows and are easy to use, as well as performed with the anatomical shape. The color scheme, the number of rows and the width of the seat can be any on requiest.


For lighting the stadium can be used mast, linear or mixed systems. Mast lighting system very imperfect, but at the same time is very cheap, provides illumination to the four corners. More efficient system is a system of linear lighting, which provides better illumination of the field, but it has a higher cost.


Mixed lighting for stadiums is the best cost to quality ratio.



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