The Ukrainian company, which is the only manufacturer of sports equipment and Equipment for Territory of Ukraine in accordance with quality standards.

KHARKIV FACTORY «SPORTINVENTAR» 61010, Kharkiv , Mirgorodskaya street, 4, tel. (057) 733-08-58, fax 733-26-71

The Kharkov plant "Sportinventory" is ukrainian company which producing more than 500 production items for different fields of sports. We are only one plant in Ukraine which producing sport inventory and equipment in accordance with required quality standards.


We are leading manufacturer of sports equipment for open courts and indoor courts.

1. Gymnastics, such as tribunes, wall bars, parallel bars, horizontal bars, vaulting horses, gymnastic goats, trampolines, benches for cloth change and etc.


2. Team sports, such as basket, basketball backboards, basketball stands, table tennis table, volleyball stands, volleyball nets, tennis nets, tennis stands, badminton nets, badminton stands, soccer gates, soccer nets and etc.

3. Wrestling, boxing and weightlifting, such as boxing ring, wrestling stage, weightlifting stage and etc.



Also our company proposing building and delivering equipment services for sports halls and courts, stadiums, workout centers, parkour courts, roller stadiums, skate parks, rope parks. We can produce any type of sports equipment.

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