Sportinventory plant propose various types of sport floors resistant to weather conditions.


Sports floors with the addition of rubber granulate.


This type of floor has many advantages: safe, does not accumulate water, anti-slip, easy to remove ice and packed snow, does not require maintenance. Also flooring of rubber granules is comfort, durable and low cost.


Consists of granulated crumb rubber with polyurethane binder.


Floorage for urban projects of sports facilities, multipurpose sports outdoor playgrounds, as well as for training centers. Standard thickness is 10 mm.


All-weather sports floor with rubber crumb (rubber granulate) for multi-functional sports fields with high loads.


This floor has high mechanical resistance. The material from which the floor made is uniform in size, thereby achieved its physical properties. Manufactured in our plant, from a two-component molded rubber and rubber granules.


Ingredients: backing layer, a synthetic elastic layer, special adhesive, high-quality fine-grained asphalt with the addition of polymers, crushed stone layer, drainage.



Synthetic universal module floor.


The perfect solution for sports fields with high loads and different climatic influences also does not contain any harmful chemical composition of components. Operating temperature from - 50 to + 120 degrees.


Multifunctional street floor.


The main field of operation are playgrounds for the following sports: volleyball, handball, basketball, mini soccer and others. Operation is not less than 10 years. A special feature is the safe, which is achieved by energy-absorbing properties of the material.


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