Stadiums construction


Sportinventory plant propose arrangement and construction of stadiums of all sizes and levels of complexity. In the arrangement of the stadium include: site preparation for construction, namely the substrate under natural or artificial grass, flooring of the roll, artificial or natural grass of the field.


Features natural grass.

Soccer field with natural grass has a high shock absorption and injury prevention. Roll flooring is mounted in a short time, and also has a high operation rate, which ensures durability and resistance to various climatic conditions.


Features of artificial grass.

Does not require the high cost for maintenance. Can be placed on any type of ground. Has a high service life of 5-10 years. Has high adhesive properties that reduce water accumulation.


Installation of stationary, collapsible or mobile stands. Preparation of the substrate and the subsequent laying of roll polyurethane base with rubber granules or seamless flooring of a mixture of polyurethane binder with the addition of rubber granules. Stadium equip with all the necessary sports facilities and equipment (such as soccer gates, bench for reserve players), installation of sports equipment, construction sites for referees and players. Installation of lighting equipment. Installation of irrigation systems for natural grass.


Polyurethane roll coating. A key features is the high safety, durability and fast installation. Does not require costly maintenance, has high performance and can withstand large loads.

Tribunes stationary. Installation of seats is made on a concrete base or a welded metal. Seat meets the requirements of fire safety and not contain any harmful impurities. Let the water flows and are easy to use, as well as performed with the anatomical shape. The color scheme, the number of rows and the width of the seat can be any on requiest.


For lighting the stadium can be used mast, linear or mixed systems. Mast lighting system very imperfect, but at the same time is very cheap, provides illumination to the four corners. More efficient system is a system of linear lighting, which provides better illumination of the field, but it has a higher cost.


Mixed lighting for stadiums is the best cost to quality ratio.

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